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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Kusama Kings and Queens will there be?

There are 110 Kusama Kings, and will be 110 Kusama Queens (60 Limited, 25 Rare, 15 Ultra Rare and 10 Legendary).

How can I buy a Kusama King or Queen?

The Kings mint is finished, and these can now only be purchased on the secondary market through Singular. The Queens mint is ongoing, and they can be purchased either from the secondary market on Singular, or through auctions, drops and giveaways hosted on Twitter.

How do I get a Royal Baby?

Holding both a Kusama King and a Queen opens up "The Chapel" in The Great Hall, where you may apply for a Wedding Ring which can then be redeemed (by burning the Wedding Ring) for a custom Royal Baby, whose appearance will be based on its parents.  Rings can also be purchased on the secondary market on Singular, though holding a King and Queen would still be required to produce a Royal Baby.  A King or Queen may only be married (to claim a Wedding Ring) once, please see The Wedding Registry for a list of married Kings and Queens.

Stay up to date on royal birth announcements by following the Kusama Kingdom Babies Twitter account.

Do Royal Babies, Swords or Frogs grant access to The Great Hall?

No - access to "The Great Hall" (private Discord channels) are only granted to holders of Kusama Kings or Queens.  Selling your last King or Queen will result in "execution" and removal from The Great Hall.

Are there any differences in utility between Kings and Queens?

Kusama Kings and Queens have the same utility with the exception of the investment funds.  King holders have access to The King's Bounty investment fund, whereas Queen holders have The Queen's Jewels DeFi fund.

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