Every King needs their Queen and as such we are rolling out 110 Queens to accompany the Kings in the Great Hall. We believe The Great Hall still has room to grow and by inviting more people we will only strengthen as a community. After the Queens, The Great Hall will be closed forever and no further collections will be granted access. Entry to The Great Hall can still be yours through purchasing a King or Queen from the secondary market.

The Queens will be granted every privilege that the Kings have with the exception of dividends from the King’s Bounty. As with the Kings we believe the best collections have utility added and developed over time, we will continue to under promise and over deliver.

We will also be taking 5% of Queens sales and setting them aside in a fund in order to try and support women entering the crypto space (in collaboration with @women_incrypto). This could be applied to anything from creating educational events, giving grants to promising artists or even providing devices to poorer countries to enable remittances to be sent home more easily. This will develop over time and we are very excited to have the opportunity to try and help the space.

The Queens will follow the same rarity structure as Kings (60 Limited, 25 Rare, 15 Ultra Rare and 10 Legendary).

We will be releasing them gradually and selling in various formats: listings, giveaways, competitions and the fabled auctions.

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