Naturally you would expect Kings and Queens to want to take their relationships to the next step and consummate their vows. Once you hold a King and a Queen in your wallet you will have the option to purchase a wedding ring, which may be used to create a Royal Baby. There will only be 50 wedding rings available [5 will be dropped each week for 10 weeks]. These will not be open to the public and can only be redeemed by people holding a King and Queen in their wallet.

A King or a Queen can only claim a ring to be married once. This ring does not need to be used to produce a baby straight away. You can choose to hold the ring and use it in the future on a different King or Queen. This also allows people to sell their rings once claimed if they have not been burnt. While a King or Queen may only marry once, they may produce more than one baby as long as a new ring is burned for each child. 

Wedding rings will increase in price each week starting at 1 KSM and increasing in price each week by 0.5 KSM. Any rings unsold in a week will remain available at the prior weeks price.

A wedding ring can be redeemed for a baby, the baby will be a custom NFT and will take on the genetics of both the King and the Queen; the higher the rarity the stronger the gene pool. A baby will always inherit one item from each parent.

E.g. If you hold Zombie King and a Limited Queen, the Baby would possess strong zombie traits.