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Your new favorite hangout

The Great Hall

Owning a Kusama King or Queen grants you access to the exclusive Discord channels known as "The Great Hall".  This private chatroom provides a place to discuss the Kusama Kingdom as well as the wider ecosystem, other NFT projects, crowdloans and more.  Be warned, only current royalty may enter The Great Hall.  Selling your last King or Queen will result in execution and removal from The Great Hall until your regain your crown.

A small selection of channels are open to those without a Kusama King or Queen, so please join and say hello!

The Great Hall

Opportunity awaits


KingPad provides every Kusama King or Queen holder the opportunity to participate in seed and privates rounds of projects, raising capital that we source as a collective.  This benefits both parties as the projects not only raise the capital they require but also onboard a community vs a traditional capital investment.  KingPad also allows holders to get early exposure to projects that they would not normally be able to enter.


It Pays to be a King


The King's Bounty

A $110,000 investment fund established for the benefit of Kusama Kings holders. A portion of the investment returns each quarter provide a 100% risk-free benefit to Kusama Kings holders. Learn more ▸


Long Live the Queens

The Queen's Jewels

A $111,000 risk-free Defi fund established for the benefit of Kusama Queens holders.  Queens will be entitled to 30% of profits from the fund, either distributed to Queens or reinvested. Learn more ▸




Royal Babies

Love is in the air

Holding both a Kusama King and Queen gives you the option to purchase a wedding ring, which may be burned in return for a Royal Baby, hand drawn in the image of its parents. All 50 rings have now been claimed, but there are still many babies yet to be born. Purchase a ring from the secondary market in order to create a baby for your King and Queen.


A Kusama King or Queen is your ticket to real world events and a chance to meet your fellow royalty in person.  

Previous events have taken place in Amsterdam and Croatia, with more  planned for the future.

World Tour

Join the party

World Tour

The Legend of the

Lost Swords

Legend tells of ten swords belonging to the ten Legendary Kings. Only an army containing one King of each rarity may recover the sword.  Owning a Sword will double the return on The King's Bounty.

See docs for further details on Swords and their current availability.


The Mystery of the

Cursed Frogs

History tells of ten princes, the sons of the ten Legendary Queens.  Transformed into frogs by an evil witch they have vanished across the lands.  Only a team containing one of each rarity of Queen can possibly track them down.  Owning a Frog will double the return on The Queen's Jewels.

See docs for further details on Frogs and their current availability.

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