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Wedding Registry

All rings have now been claimed. If you want a ring in order to make a baby, you must purchase one from the secondary market. You must own a King and Queen in order to make a baby, and the ring must be burned to claim it.


The tables below shows which Kings and Queens have been married. A King or Queen may only be married and claim a Wedding Ring once. Only 50 wedding rings are available, and all of these have now been claimed.  To claim a ring you must own an unmarried King and Queen and announce their wedding in The Chapel channel of The Great Hall (visible only to holders of at least one King and Queen).

A Wedding Ring may be burned at any time to create a Royal Baby. It does not need to be used on the King or Queen that claimed the Wedding Ring, and a King or Queen may produce more than one baby.  See the Wedding Ring Collection if looking to purchase a Wedding Ring from the secondary market. 

Married Kings and Queens are shown in red, these Kings and Queens may not be used again to purchase a Wedding Ring.

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